MANUAL PHYSICAL therapy practice 


We offer competitive rates for cash pay clients ​- ​Physical therapy fees:

Initial Evaluation:  $120. 
The initial session is 60 minutes.  The evaluation will include a detailed medical history, a thorough physical exam: assessment of the musculoskeletal system, strength and motor control, joint range of motion, evaluation of connective tissue and a postural evaluation.

  • When appropriate patients will be asked to provide X-rays and MRI.
  • After the assessment, client goals will be established and a plan of treatment will be initiated.

Follow up appointments: $95 for 60 minutes, $50 for 30 minutes.
Sessions will involve manual therapy techniques, muscle and movement reeducation, and appropriate rehabilitation exercises

Packages to Save:  
After the initial evaluation, Gil will have a better idea how many visits will be needed to help you improve.  The skills you learn at PhysioActive will build on themselves.  If you want to really recover and go beyond what you could do before, a package is the way to go. Chronic conditions or those that have been bothering you for greater than three months may be complex and require more time as well. Gil offers packages with multiple sessions in order to help you achieve your goals.

** Initial evaluation is NOT included in the session count shown below:

  • 6 sessions: $530 (savings of $40)
  • 9 sessions: $775 (savings of $80)
  • 12 sessions: $1,000 (savings of $140)

PhysioActive accepts credit cards and cash 

1.     Please allow 24-hour notice with all cancellations.
2.     PhysioActive charges $40 for all cancellations made within 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.
3.     You will receive an invoice for the cancellation fee of $40.

Direct Access/self pay  

In-Network Insurance Companies:

  • Our clinic participates in major insurance plans,if you have an insurance policy that is not listed below, please feel free to contact our office to inquire about possible participation in out-of-network benefits.
  • Patients are responsible for any co-payments, deductibles and coinsurance from their insurance company.
  • It is the patients responsibility to know their plan parameters. Anticipated insurance payment does not replace the patients obligation to pay any outstanding balance.

In-network Major Medical Insurance Companies

  • Premera 
  • Regence
  • Cigna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna

*Please call your insurance company to inquire about your eligibility and benefits prior to scheduling an appointment. *

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